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Thatcham ‘Rebrand’ TQA and add new Security Categories - March 2011

18th Mar 2011

Thatcham Category 7 Plant iThatcham’s scheme of product certification, commonly known as TQA, has changed its title to Thatcham Quality Assurance. In conjunction with this change, two new Vehicle Security Categories have been created; named Category 6 and Category 7, they replace the original 'Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems' and 'Stolen Vehicle Location Systems' criteria respectively. 


Costing as low as £299 (ex vat) this provides affordable assurance that if theft does occur we are almost certain of a quick recovery” for more information on the innovative security range call 0845 299 7665or email:


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Plant i have always designed, implemented and delivered everything we ask on time. Their systems are used daily to help us manage our fleets. Plant i give a very hands on approach with excellent customer communications.

Len Schwarz - Divisional Manager - Enterprise

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